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3 inch Custom PWC | Boat Vinyl Lettering Registration Numbers


jet ski & boat vinyl registration Sold in pairs

State Registered Vessel Requirements

Character Requirements

  • Letters & Numbers must be read from left to right.
  • Characters must be at least three (3) inches in height.
  • Characters must be of contrasting color to color of the boat.
    Note: if the background is multicolored or patterned, a block out area of a single color may be required to facilitate readability.
  • Characters must be separated by the width of one letter or number - not including the number one (1) or capital letter (I).
    Note: Use either a blank space or a hyphen. Validation sticker must be visible and placed within six inches of the registration numbers. Placement either in front of or behind the numbers is determined by state regulation.

Placement Requirements

  • The Registration Numbers, Letters, and Sticker must be permanently attached and on the forward half of the vessel.
  • Adhering registration numbers and stickers on glass or plastic windows or using placards (signboards) are not considered permanent and can no longer be used unless they are bolted or screwed in place on the hull or superstructure (including on dinghy).
  • Bolted signboards cannot be attached to railings.
  • Inflatable boat manufacturers should be contacted for letters and numbers made of the same material / adhesive as the boat to attain permanency.
  • Validation stickers issued by states can be adhered to metal or plastic plates and mounted on grab straps with non-reversible wire ties, but must be within 6 inches of the registration number and visible to law enforcement officers.
  • Contact your state for guidance and acceptability.

Additional information

Vinyl Color

Black, White, Royal Blue, Orange